PRESS IMAGES: Plato’s fifth element – the shape of the Aristotelian “quintessence”

e7 m netzplan

The epitahedra family: Epitahedron E+ (convex),  E- (concave)  and it’s  dual E7 – is the

3D representation of the Penrose kites and darts tiling (P2) / a 2D slice of the 5-dimensional space.

These 5D space cells  are tiling the space in the golden ratio like the Penrose Pattern  the plane.

Dodekaeder gesamt

The Epita-dodecahedron – the composition of 12 epitahedra exhibits a 4-dimensional dodecahedron

This means that the infinite space has a boundary in the shape of a dodecahedron analogous to the

Penrose Pattern which displays at infinity  a pentagonal or decagonal shape.


Small dodecahedron in the center of the epita-dodecahedron

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