Digital Artists

Franz Ablinger. *1967, graduated 1986 from HTL Wels in the field of electrical engineering, major microprocessor technology, has dropped out from his computer science studies at Vienna University of Technology, has been working on large-scale projects for 15 years in the european banking software sector, retired due to medical limitations and started this studies of digital arts in 2009 at University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Being a specialist for very large amounts of data he will help in developing a software configuration.

Rudi Friemel. *1986, graduated 2010 at FH Joanneum in Graz, Austria in the field of Information Design, is into interaction design, user interface design and visualization, currently studying Art & Science at University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Contributing to QC with 3d modeling, animation, simulation programming and graphical work.

Hans Katzgraber. *1963, graduated in communications engineering 1982 at HTL Mödling and 1989 at TU Wien. Practice in social defense technology. PhD for technical science in 2010; thesis about topologically adviced disentangling includes social and artistic issues. Research extended to zenital astronomy, a new field exploring all time art of astronomy and basic explorations offered to mankind.

Kathrin Stumreich.

Merlin Wyschka.


Ella Esque.


Susanne Nückel.

Nikola Tasic