Sir Roger Penrose

„Is the Epitahedron a 3D Penrose Tile?“

QC_Expert Talk: Sir Roger Penrose from Renate Quehenberger on Vimeo.
Renate Quehenberger discusses latest findings from the Quantum Cinema Project with the british theoretical physicist and mathematician Sir Roger Penrose.
Interview, Luzern April 1, 2012
In 1974 he found the Penrose Tiling, a non periodic tiling of the plane generated by a set of two prototiles: the kites and darts.
It is the pattern of the golden ratio and the 2D slice of a 5-dimensional space used as a model for Quasicrystals (found by Dan Shechtmann, 1986).
In 2006 Renate Quehenberger developed a 3D tile of the Robinson triangles, decompositions of the kites and darts, named Epitahedron*.
As digital 3D animated graphics the solid becomes a scheme in the Platonic sense and exposes not only fascinating hyper-Platonic properties, but involves still the question of the topology of higher dimensional spaces.
*) The name given by Raoul Quehenberger (2011) reflects its transcendental meaning:
Greek: ἐπιτά as distinct from ἑπτά, seven, cf.: ἐπι-τάφιος, belonging to the grave, and ἐπι-τάφιος,extremely expensive.