The Quantum Cinema artistic research examines the question about space geometry on Plack scale, where quantum mechanics applied on space itself will lead to a discrete amount of quantum states, similar to traces of an electron within an atom.

Its goal is to find clues for depiction of space and time at the quantum level.

The challenge of the Quantum Cinema project is based on the idea that this projection must not remain restricted to the 2D medium of the plane of a page of paper- merely remain a shadow of complex number space on the plane – but needs a spatial extension of the Riemann sphere– 2D depiction model into a new digital representation form adequate to the complex Minkowsi-space and with applicable n-vector-principles also in correspondence to Hilbert-space. Via the advantage of digital 3D animation, it becomes achievable to depict it within a space-animation, where the imaginative part becomes as it were “real” and, virtually, visually accessible.