QC_publications 2012 – 2013

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Online-publication about the Quantum Cinema project: www.researchcatalogue.net

FQXi’s 2012 Essay Contest

Revising Space Time Geometry: A new Romance in many dimensions

ICOCENT 12, Jaipur

A New Digital 3-D Dynamic Geometry for the Visualization of Complex Number Space (pdf)


<Quantum Cinema – A Digital Vision> A call for a new weltbild (pdf)

„Mathematics Without Words Nor Formulas. Visual Mathematics In The Sciences And In The Education“

Ed.: Slavik Jablan, Kaposvar  (HU), 2012 http://crossborder.experienceworkshop.hu/?page_id=16&lang=en

Title: Visualisation of the icosahedral Group in a new 3D representation
Part 1 (pdf)
Part 2 (pdf)

QTRF-6 – Quantum Theory: Reconsideration of Foundations – 6 at Linnaeus University , Schweden 2012

QTRF6- conference proceedings published by the American Institute of Physics, A reflection on theories of light, Renate Quehenberger




6-8 December 2012
Tribute to uncertainty, International Conference
Prague, Czech Republic

Full paper MutaMorphosis proceedings, Renate Quehenberger, Heisenberg‘s Uncertainty Principle

Digimag Journal – Issue 74 / Winter 2013.

Quantum Cinema – A glimpse into Heisenberg‘s Uncertainty Principle“, Renate Quehenberger“Uncertainty Reloaded” online, 8 April 2013, http://www.digicult.it/news/digimag-journal-issue-74-winter-2013-uncertainty-reloaded-online-on-monday-8-april-2013/


A 4D Visualisation of the Lorentz Transformation ( joint paper: Quantum Cinema AR_Group: R. C.-Z. Quehenberger, P. Weibel, M. Blümlinger, H. Stachel, E.v. Samsonow, H. Rauch, H. Katzgraber, C. Magnes, N. Tasic; K. Stumreich, R. Friemel, In: Mathematics Without Words Nor Formulas. Visual Mathematics In The Sciences And In The Education, Ed.: Slavik Jablan, Kaposvar (HU), forthcomming 2013

in preparation:

Renate Quehenberger  (ed.) QUANTUM CINEMA – A Digital Vision,  with preface by Peter Weibel, contributions by Helmut Rauch, Elisabeth von Samsonow, Hellmuth Stachel, Arthur I . Miller, Bob Coecke a.o.

Triton Verlag Barcelona – Vienna, automn  2013

ISBN 978-84-938482-4-8 (Triton Barcelona)