Jour fixe with Renate Quehenberger

März 18, 2011 Aus Von admin
a glimpse of  “Quantum Cinema” (Lecture / Discussion)

How can we imagine space-time in its quantized form, since really nobody knows what this would be like ?

Renate Quehenberger, executing the PEEK- project „QUANTUM CINEMA – a Digital Vision“ under the supervision of head Prof. Peter Weibel will provide a quantum insight to the current working process:
Her aim for a visual access towards the „quantum world“ by creating a new “holographic depiction model“ to display wave-behaviour in phase space, following the exact mathematical rules for complex spaces and their transformation, enforces the claim for the unity of arts and sciences on a highly sophisticated level with experts of various fields, as there are Media Theory, Philosophy and Anthropology of Arts, Discrete Mathematics and Geometry, Analysis and Scientific Computing and Experimental Physics.
Some proceedings as well as Artistic Research-methods involved will be discussed by means of a short QC-preview with examples of 3D animation, – digital art work of students of the Digital Media Arts (class of Prof. Ruth Schnell)