Experimental Physics

“There are strong indications that the world is an interference-pattern.” Prof. Helmut Rauch’s conviction is based on scientific results of his cutting-edge research in experimental quantum physics, namely Neutron Interferometry and his achievement of proving the spin of a neutron for the first time in 1974. His philosophy meets perfectly the artistic vision of the QC-project; therefore, he is the perfect partner to interpret measurement data and depiction options.

His recent experiments revealed the problems of topology of phase space, which were indicated by measuring data. One of the main reasons for his interest in collaborating in our interdisciplinary project is the investigation of how to interpret this phenomenon.

Can we find a geometrical solution to depict results in  “Quantum Field Topology”?

Basil Hiley and Helmut Rauch in a pause talk at the 5th Heinz von Foerster Conference – Emergent Quantum Mechanics November 11-13, 2011

Helmut Rauch and Basil Hiley, Vienna 2011 from Renate Quehenberger on Vimeo.