About QC

<QUANTUM-CINEMA-  a digital vision – is inspired by the current events in quantum physics, as the forthcoming international experiment in the high-energy particle collider (LHC) at CERN is expecting to solve open questions in science, such as the detectability of the Higgs particle and the riddle of extra-dimensions.

The existence of both has been predicted in many highly sophisticated theories based on brilliant mathematical concepts.

QC is an artistic research project in an interdisciplinary constellation between experimental physics, discrete mathematics and geometry, analysis and scientific computing and anthropology of arts, supervised by media theory.

It is reuniting art and science by following the claim for a coherent picture of the quantum world and by approaching it by geometry as an item of art – in this case, digital new-media art.

„The computer is the essential medium for the simulation, that is for the emulation of processes for simulation within a model”.  (Peter Weibel)